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Limestone mill production line

Release Date :  Jan 01, 2015   Source : Pioneer
China is rich in limestone in many regions, limestone production line is widely used in the milling machining. The figure is the Shanghai Pioneer Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. limestone mill production line installation site.
Processing of materials: Limestone
Production capacity: 3-45t / h
Production line equipment configuration: jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, high-strength mill, fans, electric control centralized milling equipment.
Production: The design of the actual situation of limestone mill production line, production line this entry rational design, small footprint. During operation, the device smooth operation, high production efficiency. Materials after jaw crusher, bucket elevator sent by the storage silo, the material through electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly to the high-strength continuous mill for grinding, polishing powder in the role after blowing blower the separator sorting, fine after sorting by pipeline to the storage silo, and finally by the outlet valve output is finished.
Mill production line consultation methods:
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