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What is the reason cause crusher stop working?

Release Date :  Dec 18, 2014   Source : Pioneer

  Any kinds of machinery and equipment will cause fault in the course of working, the crusher manufacture as one kind of crushing equipment is no exception, if the equipment have fault in produce time and will affect our production, so this is the phenomenon what every users do not want to see, but this is inevitable. In order to reduce the loss, we can only try to avoid equipment have fault. And when find the equipment has failure, we need to solve the problem in time and earlier, so it can maximum decrease our losses. Following our professional machinery manufacturers (Pioneer Machinery) explain the main reasons for the crusher’s stop working.

  The main purpose of crusher is broken material, the main material in different stone, rock etc. Which every crusher has its fixed several raw materials. if there feeding into some material which the crusher can not crushing, and will cause jam in the crusher. When you find this condition, please turn off the machine in times, if can not turn off the crusher, the jam will be more and more seriously and cause the motor burn. So when you find the jam in crusher, please turn off machine in timely. Crushing equipment will have some vibration at the time of production, and this vibration is regular, but if the crusher have a long time in this case and will lead to bolt loose, so this condition may cause the motor displacement and then cause drive belt loose, thereby reducing the kinetic energy of the crusher, it will also cause the device to stop. So the device need inspection and maintenance after use some times, so avoid the bolts loose , and this regular inspection is also a way to ensure do not cause fault of the crusher.



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