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Ore dressing equipment daily maintenance is a long-term process

Release Date :  Dec 27, 2014   Source : Pioneer

Benification equipment contains a lot of machine such as : crushing machine, milling machine, screen machine, megenetic machine, washing machine, gravity dressing equipment, concentrate equipment and drying calcination equipment. To these of equipments, we should pay more attention on the routinue maintainance. because this not only can enlong the life of the machine, but also can reduce the investment cost which can increase more benifit to the factory.

It is a long period for the maintience to dressing equipments. We can take care of it in routine working. If you want it works for you for longer time, we should pay more attention on the routine maintenance, and believe that everyone have a simple knowing to the dresssing machine.

ALso, it would be better if we can know more information such as advantage and disadvantage to each dressing machine, in this way, a lot of time will be saved and will be convenient to the workers to handle with them. When the machine can not working welll, we should find the problem and send the technician do the maintence and reparing.the mailbox of crushing equipment techonology


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