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The maintenance of Mobile crushing plant in the winter

Release Date :  Jan 07, 2015   Source : Pioneer

During the operating of mobile crushing station equipment, the winter maintenance work should pay attention to observe quality, production yield. when the quality, yield, and the noise is not normal, it may happen the crushing machine and screening equipment surface blockage or breakage failure.

The requirement of Mobile crushing plant equipment maintenance program is according to the parts of the mechanical maintenance requirement. As the difference of mechanical maintenance plan,if conditions permit, you can replace the part of mechanical in the maintaining the machine.It can effective reduce downtime, improve equipment utilization.

the Mobile crushing plant made in shanghai Pioneer machinery produce should do well the lubrication work. small equipment mainly uses lubrication grease and lubricants. Large-scale equipment such as large cone crusher and jaw crusher usually choose the forced lubrication system.Meanwhile, we should observe the oil temperature, oil pressure,fuel and other parameters, tightening loose fasteners.

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