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The high efficiency sand making machine in producing sand

Release Date :  Jan 13, 2015   Source : Pioneer

Rod mill is generally used in aggregate processing for artificial sand in china.As a kind of wet processing, sand must be at least 5d after dehydration or be allowed natural drainage to make it dry.

Shanghai Pioneer has find the most economical and the most favorable sand production method after studying of the sand making methods that is used in other dam site .the high efficiency sand making machine can process the sand gravel aggregates ,which is less than 40mm. It can ensure long- term supply of the high quality, good sand and aggregate particle shape.

In order to clean clay, discharge material is less than 20mm,the material who is more than 20mm get into a stockpile adjustment, then get into secondary rotating crusher to finish the processing operation. Triple cone crusher can crushing the material more than 140mm. 40mm-80mm material is stored for coarse aggregate or return to tripe crusher to further crushing.The material is less than 40mm through efficient processing, and then sieved and become the desired fine aggregate and sand.In order to ensure the reliability of concrete production,the sand pile is completely fenced to prevent rain.

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