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Three factors that affect the normal swing of Sand making machine

Release Date :  Jan 15, 2015   Source : Pioneer

Sand making machine is the commonly used fine crushing equipment in stone production line , sand production line. in the sand making machine working, there have three major factors that affect the normal swing of sand making machine, summarized as follows:

The first is the impeller wearing parts wear. If this wearing parts use for a long time, then they will be more severe degree of wear and tear , so that the machine can not be stable during the working , the body will inevitably lead to a greater degree swing . So to solve this problem , it is necessary and timely replacement of wearing parts , so that the internal impeller can kept in balance.

The second is the impeller block. In the course of normal use of the equipment , impeller will slowly accumulate some debris , if not cleared up , then it will live stream channel blockage . After this, is processing material, it will lead to the non-uniform of feed and discharge , which also makes the body appear to swing . So usually have to check the impeller , clean the flow channel clogging substances.

The third is the size of the material. Impact sand making machine crushing the material can not be in same size , although the feeding sand size too small will affect final sand making effect, and can not meet the required quality. But feed material so larger, it also lead to a greater load, and make sand making machine damage . Materials required maximum particle size we generally can not be more than 5 cm, so large will cause the sand making machine easy to sharp swings, the most suitable size is between 3-4 cm.

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