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Iron ore crusher structural characteristics

Release Date :  Jan 19, 2015   Source : Pioneer

The ore crusher applies the most advanced production technology, combined with international economic requirements, the production of iron ore crushing machine for efficient international use. It can be divided into the crusher and fine crusher into two categories, according to process requirements, device capabilities and broken granularity different.

Iron ore crusher is used for the beneficiation process, such as copper, iron ore, gold and other metal ore selection effect is significant, both with magnetic separation or flotation or re-election, compared with the traditional jaw crusher, are more suitable size requirements and yield selection process requirements.

The features of deep cavity Iron ore crusher make it more stable, which increase production capacity, and the feed capacity. It has high crushing ratio, for basalt, limestone, quartzite, iron ore, copper ore, river pebbles, and the output size can be up to 30mm-450mm.



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