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The select skills of Hammer crusher hammer

Release Date :  Jan 23, 2015   Source : Pioneer

Because the hammer crusher is hanged on the hammer plate by cementation , so the correct selection of hammer quality has a great effect on crushing effect and energy consumption.If the hammerhead quality is too small,it can not satisfy the hammer to break the material requirements at one time.If selected is too large, power consumption is too large.therefore, the quality of hammer plate must meet the hammer crushing of material at a time, and make power consumption reach to a minimum, at the same time, we must not make excessive partial backward (hammer head.According to the principle of conservation of momentum, after hammer blowing material,it will inevitably produce loss of speed, hammer blow material allows the speed of the losses changing according to the crusher specification, generally is allowed at the rate of 40% to 60%, the diameter of the rotor is bigger , otherwise, it will select small .If the hammer head material is plastic collision, and the velocity of material before collision is zero, then according to the principle of equal amount of collision theory.

Above is the Shanghai Pioneer hammer crusher manufacturer provide some the techniques for your choice and purchase for hammer crushing machine customers.More questions about hammer broken machine technical ,please consult email:

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