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The improvement of sand making machine feeding port

Release Date :  Jan 28, 2015   Source : Pioneer

The measure of improving the feeding port of sand making machine is separating the discharging open of lime and sand inlet,make tham at a distance and height, then connect with another device.

In order to reduce the labor intensity and dust harm to the workers. the primary consideration is allow workers to stay beside sand as less as possible. so in the design of the exit slot, it must be consideration about its inclination, to pour over increased until satisfied within the receiving hopper outlet slot lime can be successfully rolled . workers do not have to always stand next to the outlet slot, and thus ease the labor conditions of workers, but also effectively prevent the lower part of the crushing bucket lime blocked problem.Dry Sand production line is the main equipment of shanghai Pioneer, sand making production line configuration based on the production line site requirements. The following is the advantage of dry sand making machine.

Dry sand production line without geographical limitation: due to restrictions of the water resource in the north, the traditional sand production line can not making sand in here. Dry sand production line successfully solve this problem.Even in places where scarcity water resource can also be artificial sand system.

Dry sand production line can also save water: wet sand making production line in the production process needs a lot of water to wash the sand.Today, the water resources is decreasing , the appearance of dry sand making production line not only solved a series of problems caused by lack of water resources, but also reduce the production cost,which is the so-called kill two birds with one stone.

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