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Large crushing machine maintenance

Release Date :  Jan 29, 2015   Source : Pioneer

Whether large crusher or a conventional crusher, in conjunction with maintenance and repair work should be carried out, and only then can we truly afford to prolong service life of large crushing machine.

Large Crusher maintenance has the following four steps:

First is the base maintenance. Note that before the device is used within the meaning of the base, preferably on its surface with a layer of protective coloration, and suggest two coats. If the device has a scratch section, then the equipment after Assembly is complete, you should also brush again for this site.

Second, should pay attention to in the work process, control the material particle size, hardness, viscosity and moisture, and those materials that will affect the operating results should not be put into the crushing cavity, it is not only a waste of time,but considerable wear on the machine itself. In the working staff in the course of State whenever you want to watch it, if you hear unusual noises or any other unusual phenomena, must be shut down immediately and check.

Third is to do a lubrication. Especially for easy wear parts such as spindle, high quality grease to be used more, and attention should be replaced at regular intervals. In addition, to control these important parts of the temperature must not exceed 85 degrees to avoid being burned. Temperature alarm will be installed on a bearing, but always depend on it to remind, the device would still hurt, so operators can best be worked out in advance a safe operating procedures.

Finally, routine maintenance work is also essential. With the increase of time, parts of the jaw crusher will show various degrees of wear, such as hammers, when its weight is reduced to a certain degree, regular maintenance there is no guarantee that it's normal use. So it needs to be completely replaced. Likewise, parts, such as bearings, outlet grate other than basic maintenance should also be regularly replaced to ensure normal work.

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