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The Improving Technology for the Inlet of Sand Making Machine

Release Date :  Jan 29, 2015   Source : Pioneer

The improving technology for the inlet of sand making machine is to reduce the labor intensity of workers and harm of dust on workers. The primary consideration is to make workers less time standing beside the sand making machine. Then on the design of the outlet slot, its inclination should be taken into account, until the lime in the exit slot, to the hopper can be smoothly rolled into the former. From time to time so that workers do not have to stand next to the exit slot, thereby easing the labor conditions of workers,effectively prevents crushing lime bucket bottom plug problem.

Therefore, the new material system sand machine is characterized: lime sand making machine and bucket of feed opening of inlet separation, which stand at a distance and height, the distance between the connected by another device. Reduce the waste of resources at the same time, it saves labor intensity.

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