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Installation and fixed method of mobile crushing plant

Release Date :  Feb 05, 2015   Source : Pioneer

Mobile crushing plant installation method: a mobile crushing plant often have to choose to replace the working site.

In the production site,how to fix mobile crushing station?

After selecting the rihgt location of mobile crushing plant working site and do site preparation work, the mobile crushing plant open to the right position, lift legs outstretched mobile crushing station set up, digging beneath the fixed legs, the size of the pit according to the local soil may be, the more loose soil area and the greater the depth, then the active leg bolted connection with the legs in a fixed, poured concrete foundation at the bottom of the pit activities of the legs until the concrete sets, the adjustment of the concrete surface so crushing station support more stable, and finally retracted elevator leg. Note: You can only add sleepers and other appropriate auxiliary support tool in the body, in order to achieve smoothly.

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