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Store crusher

Release Date :  Feb 05, 2015   Source : Pioneer

Except the usually maintenance, the crusher store also very important. Because crusher made of steel plate , so not suitable for outdoor storage.

Except not outside storage , there are other issues that need attention are as follows:

The first is the site of choice . When stored the crushers, must choose a dry, temperature suitable indoors place, especially parts like batteries , especially can not open-air environment. And should covered with a layer after put well to prevent rusting tank or machine surface due to ash and reduce some of the properties.

The second is the demolition of the battery . The device need when long time use, you should unload the battery, or the device may be corrosive electrolyte , and the battery life of its own will be greatly reduced. Before demolition remember drained engine cooling water, so the water or short-circuit the battery during disassembly. In addition , even if the device is not applicable , it should every month on the battery charge, in order to ensure its normal use.

The third is to make the paint according to the actual situation . If some of the metal parts are exposed for a long time may appear to fade, rust , etc., so it is best coated with a layer of butter on the surface , in order to isolate it and the outside air chemical effects that may occur. And for some time , and the longer , the surface has some paint off the machine , part or as a whole should make paint.

The fourth regular lubrication. No matter how long storage time , all the equipment is best time to time to conduct a clean and lubricate the work promptly remove surface dirt equipment to ensure its smooth and clean nature .

The fifth is a reboot of the Notes . In addition to the regular lubrication , preferably once every month turned to see it functioning properly . In addition , they also re-boot first lubrication, follow the steps of the new machine is turned on .

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