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The maintenance of sand making machine

Release Date :  Mar 04, 2015   Source : Pioneer

the application of sand making machine has received public attention because of two aspects: on the one hand, it belongs the large mechanical products, on the other hand, due to it plays an enormous role.

First, sand making machine need regular maintenance, which also is the management of mechanical products,including the professional observation door open for internal situation analysis, but also includes to be keeping a close eye on the internal wear, including the center into the feeding pipe, the impeller flow on both sides to lining board, cone hat, circular plate, such as wear-resistant block the degree of wear and tear in according to the need and maintenance operation specification for subsequent processing.

Second, in addition to maintenance aspects ,we still need to pay attention to adjust the size of sand machine drive triangle tape tension .This can't be too nervous, on the one hand, it also can't too tighten, if not handled properly will produce a series of follow up problems, aging stress will also speed up the machine.And in the process of group selection, we should guarantee each length to be able to achieve consistent effect, this can significantly improve its concrete application effect.

Finally, it needs to pay attention to the using time, according to the using effect, consider using the repair and maintenance.For example, when the machine is 400 h, it should be appropriate to join grease. when the machine operation to 2000 hours, it should be carried out on the main bearing of machine cleaning, if work more than 7200 hours, at this point,it need to replace new bearing,which also reflects the quantitative effect of maintenance.

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