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Characteristics of lead and zinc ore crusher structure

Release Date :  Mar 10, 2015   Source : Pioneer

Features of lead and zinc ore crusher :

1, use world-class manufacturing technology, choose the best production material.

2, more advanced dynamic assembly of jaw, make it more durable.the jaw is made by using high quality steel structure, and through two large cast steel wheel transmission.In addition, heavy slab processing eccentric shaft was adopted, all make the JCE series jaw crusher with extraordinary reliability.

3, the bearing use integral cast steel structure. But also greatly increase the radial strength of the bearing, and split type bearing does not have the advantage.

4, finite element analysis technology, crusher has higher intensity.

5, crushing cavity use semmetry "V" shape structure, make the actual inlet width is consistent with the nominal inlet width.

6, the discharging mouth is more quick and convenient adjustment.Ore crusher of euro JCE jaw crusher with wedge discharging mouth adjusting device, the device is better simple,safer, faster than old gasket adjustment.

7, selects the bearing specifications larger, stronger bearing capacity.All JCE series crusher with crusher bigger and more durable than other same specification of the eccentric bearing, the higher bearing capacity and make effective labyrinth seal bearing service life greatly extended.

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