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About the wear parts of the crusher

Release Date :  Mar 19, 2015   Source : Pioneer

On the issue of the crusher parts wear,it generally uses the bolts to fixed the equipment and the frame , bolt machine equipment specifications also has a regulation, different models are not the same as a fixed position bolt.Generally long bolt is the easiest way to consume parts, average consumes about 20, nut number in about 40 or so. years accumulative total is also a big cost for this month cost..

Therefore,it deserves pay attention to reduce the crusher wear parts .Below is the effective measures that Shanghai pioneer machinery have been taken to reduce wear of crusher parts.

1, the parts with new materials, bolt with 40 cr, nut with 40 "steel, improve the fatigue strength

2, Reduce the damages that appear unbalanced force of , it will ensure that nuts rich in elastic deformation to solve this problem,which can use ring groove to carry nut;

3, bolt thread has strict requirements in manufacturing, according to the thread tolerance requirements, ensure the quality of processing;

4, the use of bolt to ensure uniform stress, avoid uneven because of overload and appear fracture;

5, the locking nut problem is very important, become loose to tighten is poor maintenance practices, can be used with double nut locking.

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