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maintenance skills of Newest ore crusher

Release Date :  Mar 27, 2015   Source : Pioneer

maintenance skills techniques and methods of Professional design newest ore crusher are as follows:

1, clean the machine after work every day, check whether the parts screw is loosening and the wear pattern of hammer head, wear parts, lining etc.

2, for every 300 hours, crusher should be clean bearing.If the bearing oil for lubrication, add new oil with 1/3 full of bearing gap advisable, is no more than 1/2, homework just before will often cover type oil lid screw up a little.

3, The adjustment and replacement of hammer head.Mill components, the highest number of hammer grinding rate, at the same time also is the main part of the impact crushing efficiency and productivity.Hammer head after long time wear to timely adjust the location, and replacing hammer head.

4, ore crusher before operation, operation, should pay attention to whether there are abnormal noise, stop the machine immediately to check if you have problems, after security may continue to production.It is forbidden to iron hard material material into the equipment machine cavity.

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