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Crusher wear parts Introduction

Release Date :  Apr 10, 2015   Source : Pioneer

Today we cited two consumable ore crushing machine, hoping riders ore crushing machine in the use of the equipment at the same time to regularly inspect the equipment operating conditions, to discover solve the problem, if not in time to eliminate defects of wearing parts , may have equipment and components are produced tremendous damage and shorten the time of your device, so for us it is not worthwhile.

Hammerhead wearing parts of the ore crushing machine

Hammer during normal work to make a big impact on the material crushing force, in this case will have some wear and tear on the hammer, the other to give the ore crushing machine improper operation caused greater damage:

1, feeding size is larger than the specified size;

2, in the case of ore crushing machine appears plot material which is not cleared up, and other equipment to start again will cause wear and tear on a huge hammer ore crushing machine.

Liner wearing parts of the ore crushing machine

Liner in normal operation due to the strong collision of materials can cause damage to some extent on the liner, which are part of the normal wear and tear. We usually will have some irrational actions, such as feed uneven, crushing chamber if the situation too little material, the material will increase the impact of multi-liner, resulting in greater wear liner.

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